My 1st feature, our festival in Istanbul

Participations 19.02.2024

In 2017 and 2019, Paysages Humains is participating in the creation and programming of a Francophone festival in Istanbul: Mon 1er Long, dedicated to first films by French-speaking directors. Invited to present a first feature film, the challenge is to explore a work in the company of the public, university students and drama conservatories. 

MY 1ST LONG 2017

The first edition of the festival Mon 1er long took place at Istanbul from April 20 to 23, 2017, in partnership with the Institut Français d'Istanbul, Istanbul Modern, Salt Galata, Union Française, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Hôtel Armada and Paysages Humains.
The festival, centered around free screenings for all audiences, in French with Turkish subtitles, had the mission of raising awareness of French and Francophone cinema in Turkey.
In addition to their first feature films, our guests were given carte blanche to propose another of their films to explore the evolution of their work. In this way, the festival aims to shed light on the process of creating a cinematographic work.
The festival was an opportunity for public meetings and debates around a cinematographic creation that is not widely distributed in Turkey.

For this first edition, we invited French director Claire Simon, actor Gérard Hardy from Ariane Mnouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil troupe, Fabrice Desplechin and Belgian producer Eric Van Zuyten.

With Claire Simon
Les patients (1990)
Sinon oui (1997)
Gare du nord (2013)
Les bureaux de Dieu (2008)
With Eric Van Zuyten
Folie privée by Joachim Lafosse (2004)
Au delà des mots by Joachim Lafosse by Luc Jabon (2017)
With Gérard Hardy
1789 and Molière by Ariane Mnouchkine.

Also scheduled:
La vie de Jésus by Bruno Dumont (1997)
La bataille de Solférino by Justine Triet (2013)
Vincent n'a pas d'écailles by Thomas Salvador (2014)
La sentinelle by Arnaud Desplechin (1992)
Les garçons et Guillaume à table
by Guillaume Gallienne (2013)

French-speaking and non-French-speaking high schools and universities, public and private art and film schools, and cultural and social organizations in Istanbul were all involved in the organization of this first edition of the festival, with the aim of taking part in workshops and courses led by festival guests, in partnership with Salt Galata, Istanbul Modern, the Institut Français d'Istanbul, and Mimar Sinan and Kadir Has universities for hosting meetings.

MY 1ST LONG 2019 

In 2019, the edition is double: scheduled in Istanbul from March 7 to 10, it takes place for the first time from March 9 to 11 in Ankara in partnership with the Institut Français and its director Sébastien de Courtois.

A festival of women in cinema, with the presence of directors Léa Fehner and Julie Bertucelli , and Sophie Mandonnet, Philippe Faucon's loyal editor.
Each of them spoke about their craft and research at the Institut Français, Istanbul Modern, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Conservatory of the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Galatasaray University and Istanbul's Bosphorus University.
In Ankara, we were accompanied by Sophie Mandonnet, who met students from Ankara University and the ILEF-Cine club. 

That year, the festival's theme was destiny: the extraordinary destinies of ordinary men and women. Committed and resilient, these films were an opportunity to discover beautiful, funny, energetic, poetic and resilient portraits.

In Istanbul with Julie Bertucelli ...
Depuis qu'Otar est parti (2003)
La cour de Babel (2013)
Dernières nouvelles du Cosmos (2016)
. .. Léa Fehner
Sauf le silence (short film 2006)
Qu'un seul tienne et les autres suivront (2009)
Les ogres (2015)
. .. Sophie Mandonnet - Philippe Faucon ...
Dans la vie (2007)
La désintégration (2011)

As well as films by Agnès Varda ...
La pointe courte (1954)
Visages Villages with JR (2017)
... and others
Luna by Elsa Diringer (2017)
Party Girl by Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger,
Samuel Theis (2013)
Jeune femme by Léonor Séraille (2017)
Jusqu'à la garde by Xavier Legrand (2017)

In Ankara with Sophie Mandonnet - Philippe Faucon
Fatima by Philippe Faucon (2015)
Dans la vie by Philippe Faucon (2007)
Jusqu'à la garde by Xavier Legrand (2017)