Nananère, clown and new magic

Participations 20.02.2024

Lola Heude is a contemporary clown, magician and director, a field in which theater and magic, childhood and the initiation of storytelling, the visible and the invisible, myth and the staging of reality all meet. In 2023, she created Nananère, a poetic and sound experience for young audiences.

Nana, an inquisitive, twirling young girl, is plagued by hyperactivity that she can't always control. She is the disciple of Yukita, a mountain shaman. In the course of an initiatory journey filled with magic, she learns from her adventures and her inner struggle to find calm.
Nananère takes us on a journey through a bucolic universe tinged with humor, blending contemporary clowning and new magic.

This creation explores Nana's difficulties in life, trapped in a vortex that prevents her from being free. She can't concentrate, plagued by hyperactivity. We follow her progress and her struggle to channel it.

Nananère is a multi-disciplinary show at the crossroads of gestural theater, contemporary clowning and new magic. By combining clowning and new magic, this show creates a scenic material where sensitivity is perceived as a strength and energy as an incredible richness if we have the keys to tame it. With humor and tenderness, young and old alike enter a magical world where emotions are embodied in a poetic, sunny universe.

Lola Heude confides: "I drewmy inspiration from my childhood, when I was often overwhelmed by emotions that overwhelmed me. In order to master them, I would give them form. Materializing them allowed me to feel them physically, to make them more concrete and less terrifying."

Clowning and new magic 

The clown is above all a character who steps out of the ordinary to embody an atypical human trait. To divert reality, to surprise, to astonish in an aesthetic and sometimes poetic universe.
New magic is an artistic movement that overturns the codes of modern magic. Rather than presenting a series of independent acts, new magic is part of a genuine dramaturgy. It is a formidable tool for creating a fantastic universe in which emotions are embodied.
By playing on the representation of these emotions through metaphorical images, magic can materialize the invisible on stage, animate the inanimate and suggest the unreal. It gives flavor to the things around us and reminds us that the world exists through our subjectivity. Magic breaks down mental boundaries and barriers, playfully opening up the possibility of wonder. 

Music and sound

Music is essential to this show, as it is gestural theater without words. It's hard to imagine a film like Charlie Chaplin's or Jacques Tati's without music and complex sounds. Sounds and melodies complement the action and give meaning to what the characters do: actions, reactions, questioning, anxiety, all set to a fine, precise score. The theme of managing Nana's hyperactivity leads us, in an introspective/subjective relationship, to make "visible" something that in our world is invisible. We're inside Nana's head. Marc Pujol has added rhythms like heartbeats and thoughts that fill us with worry or comfort.

Nananère was created by Cie Attends onMarch 6, 2023 at the TEC - Théâtre Espace Coluche in Plaisir (78).

Nananère on tour: Les Faïenceries, Sarreguemines (57) April 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2024, Scène et cinéma Prévert, Joinville-le-Pont (94) April 21 at 5:00 pm,Espace Didier Bienaimé, La Chapelle St-Luc (10) April 24 at 3:00 pm

Artistic Direction - Lola Heude
Director - Ami Hattab
Stage direction & collective writing - Lola Heude, Santiago Baculima, Fabrice Provansal, Ami Hattab
Performance - Lola Heude, Santiago Baculima, Fabrice Provansal
Sound and music creation - Marc Pujol
Lighting design - Damien Valade
Production - Compagnie Attends
Coproductions and financial support: Adami déclencheur 2022 - Sacem et la culture avec la Copie Privée - Le Vaisseau, Fabrique artistique au center de réadaptation de Coubert - La Sacem et Le festival Off Avignon - Paysages Humains.
Accueils en résidence et remerciements : Le Vaisseau à Coubert (77) – La Caravelle – TLM de Meaux (77) – Le TEC – Théâtre Coluche de Plaisir (78) – Espace Sorano de Vincennes (94) – P{le en Scènes de Bron (69) Espace Atrium de Vergt (24) – Cie Pascal Rousseau.

Photos © X.Thesnon
Photos © F. Feutry Studio

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